BCSeeker全球第一家BlockChain垂直领域招聘平台。专精区块链行业的应聘招聘平台,为从业人员及企业提供资源展示和对接。为业内企业和团队提供展示自己、寻找伙伴的平台。面对全球资源,区块链全领域,行业全范围。BCSeeker is the first vertical BlockChain recruitment platform in the world. Facing global resources, the whole field and scope of the industry, specialized in Blockchain, the recruitment platform provides resources display and dock for the practitioners and enterprises and a platform for the enterprises and teams to show themselves and find partners.

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The page background uses the brand color, leaving the brand impression to the users. The login interface is designed as a card to highlight the login information. 首页功能
Home function
首页显示最新的职位与任务,将职位与任务运用了不同颜色来区分功能模块。The home page displays the latest positions and tasks, and the positions and tasks are in different colors to distinguish functional modules.

Viewing positions and Viewing tasks
看职位与看任务运用了不同颜色来区分功能模块。同时,也可以进行需求筛选。Viewing positions and viewing tasks are in different colors to distinguish functional modules as well as filter demand. 职位、任务
Position and Task
The task details page is divided into task basic information, task description, supplementary explanation, acceptance payment instructions, company information and recommended tasks. The position details page is divided into position basic information, position description, position requirements, company information and recommended positions. 个人简历
个人简历显示个人的基本信息,自我介绍、教育背景、工作经验以及自己的补充描述。根据信息将信息分区域表达,方便用户更加直观的了解想看到的信息。The resume shows the basic personal information, self-introduction, educational background, work experience and one’s own supplementary description. According to the information, the information is expressed in different regions, which is convenient for the user to understand the information that he wants more intuitively. 其他页面
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Pinky Lemon是一家位于上海的设计公司,专注于UI/UX设计。我们提供视觉设计,网站,印刷设计项目等。
Pinky Lemon is a design company in Shanghai, which focuses on UI/UX design. We offer visual design, websites, print design projects and so on.We don't solve all the problems in the same way. We want to get to know you before reaching an agreement with the solution you need.It will be great for us to sit down and have a talk over a cup of tea.

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Pinky Lemon is a Shanghai-based graphic design firm specializing in UI and UX design.
We also do visual identity, websites, print design projects and more.
Of course we do. But we’re not about cookie-cutter solutions.
We want to get to know you before we can agree on the solutions you need.
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