The way we work.
From blueprint to building.

The Groundwork.

Smart design needs a purpose. We won’t know what that is without getting to know you.
So we’ll ask you plenty of questions and walk in your shoes: it’s about research, research, research.

The Blueprint.

Innovative ideas and consumer experiences only come to life when research leads to real insight.
Turning information into an action plan, we’ll work with you to discover what success
will look like and – crucially – how we can measure it.

The Foundation.

We won’t simply build from the ground up. Instead, driven by the
insights we’ve gained, we’ll wireframe your entire concept; together we can work on the flow.
Then we’ll present you with different, (again insight driven) creative to help you refine your vision.
Any construction is only as strong as its foundations, after all.

The Construction.

Cementing parts together,translating everything into final deliverable, the bricks and mortar of the work suddenly come to life. We’ll survey your new ‘property’ – checking the wiring, the paint job, the flooring and more – every step of the way. Because kinks have a way of settling into any crook and nanny…

The QA Testing.

Our products are all created to work fluidly across all browser versions currently supported by the manufacturer.
Our quality assurance team tests your website across all major browsers, resolutions, and mobile
devices to ensure a flawless final product.

Moving in.

Once you’ve moved in we’ll call by, to check that everything’s going to plan. It’s not over ‘til it’s over: until we know that you’re happy in your new home.

Work with us.

We’d love to talk about your next idea.
Get in touch – the kettle’s boiling…

Start a project

Pinky Lemon is a Shanghai-based graphic design firm specializing in UI and UX design.
We also do visual identity, websites, print design projects and more.
Of course we do. But we’re not about cookie-cutter solutions.
We want to get to know you before we can agree on the solutions you need.
So get in touch. It’s always good to talk over a cup of tea.

Get in touch
– the kettle’s boiling