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Pinky Lemon是一家位于上海的设计公司,专注于UI/UX设计。我们提供视觉设计,网站,印刷设计项目等。
Pinky Lemon is a design company in Shanghai, which focuses on UI/UX design. We offer visual design, websites, print design projects and so on.We don't solve all the problems in the same way. We want to get to know you before reaching an agreement with the solution you need.It will be great for us to sit down and have a talk over a cup of tea.

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Pinky Lemon is a Shanghai-based graphic design firm specializing in UI and UX design.
We also do visual identity, websites, print design projects and more.
Of course we do. But we’re not about cookie-cutter solutions.
We want to get to know you before we can agree on the solutions you need.
So get in touch. It’s always good to talk over a cup of tea.

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